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Answergarden is a free service created, financed and maintained by our two-person team (Sander and Richard). We try to keep the project running by means of our other projects, but for that to work we rely on your help.

Add an Adblock exception for AnswerGarden

Our main means of financing AnswerGarden and its technology is currently through advertisements. Have you noticed our banner ads? We have hidden them away a bit, below your AnswerGarden, as we ourselves are not the biggest fans of showing a car ad in the middle of a classroom brainstorm. We have also installed a filter so no inappriopiate ads will be shown. Although we are considering other business models (such as subscriptions for extra service), our main intention is to keep AnswerGarden as free as possible for all, since we are well aware that many schools and teachers around the world have a very limited budget (not to mention that a paid service requires quite some dedicated investment on our side). We still believe that ads are one of the most transparent revenue models, because if you're not paying for something, you become the product.

Lately (November 2015) browser addons such as AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and AdBlock Pro have become quite popular. Unfortunately, for us this means that even though we serve a growing international audience (well over 150.000 unique users with near to 2.5 million page views per month), the income of ads is rapidly decreasing. More than two-thirds of you have started using adblock software in the autumn of 2015.
Therefore we have decided to raise a little more awareness concerning this issue and we would kindly ask you to support AnswerGarden by adding an exception to your adblocking software. Here is information on how to disable adson your favorite websites in AdBlock Plus, and here is a well-written article on this topic from a fellow webdesigner.

Thank you for considering adding an exception to your adblock software for Should you choose not too, maybe you would like to support AnswerGarden through our other creations listed below or donate using the button below.

If you are into XRP (Ripple), you can now use your Twitter account to simply donate any amount of XRP of your choice. Does Ripple or XRP vaguely ring a bell? You might know Ripple from the 29 million dollar donation to the campaign, funding thousands of school projects. Or from the 4 million dollar donation by Ashton Kutcher to Ellen DeGeneres' wildlife charity. Or from the 50 million dollar donation to academic research funding. That is why AnswerGarden supports XRP and Ripple. If you would like to support AnswerGarden with XRP, you can use the button below.

Play Gluddle

Gluddle logo Gluddle screenshot 1 Gluddle screenshot 2 Gluddle screenshot 3

Gluddle is a funny bouncy ball game for iOS and Android created fully by our two-man team. In it, you aim and shoot springy globular characters called Gluddle. Freeze them in mid-air to bounce off other Gluddle in order to defend their privacy and freedom from the evil eyes-in-the-sky...The Supervision!
Gluddle was nominated Best Dutch Game 2012 and was received with much critical acclaim. Watch the latest trailer here:

Please support AnswerGarden by getting a copy of Gluddle for iOS or Android. You can also help by liking and sharing Gluddle on Facebook and Twitter and help us reach more people.

Get DiceForChange

Opened DiceForChange box showing three dice

DiceForChange is a concept that aims to change people's behaviour in a playful way. Many of us strive to be a better person. To take better care of ourselves, to be more kind to one another or to improve the world we live in. DiceForChange is designed to help you start and act on what you care about. It consists of three dice: WellnessDice - for a daily dose of personal wellness, KindnessDice - for random acts of kindness and EcoDice - for ecological awareness. Simply roll the dice to introduce new routines into your life in a playful way and notice how even small and simple actions have a greater positive effect on life.

Please support AnswerGarden by getting a copy of DiceForChange through the BIS Publishers online shop or through resellers such as Amazon.
If you have an iOS device you can also support AnswerGarden by getting the KindnessDice App, EcoDice App and WelnessDice App. You can also help by liking and sharing DiceForchange on Facebook and Twitter.

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